For 60 years, Carty has been producing quality food packaging in France and responding to the specific demands of its customers thanks to a reliable and responsive service

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Quality and Reliability Guaranteed with Carty Packaging

Carty manufactures high-quality packaging for the food industry. Its product range comprises:

  • Food box containers "Cartybox" in different sizes
  • Round “Carty Pots” containers
  • Food containers with safety closure
  • Large buckets

Composed by easily recyclable raw materials, Carty's products can be reinserted and reused in further different product manufacturing.

Located at Joué les Tours in the heart of Val de Loire in France, Carty employs 21 people and counts with 7 production lines, a decoration workshop and a dedicated line for customised products, with a production capacity of 30 million units per year.

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Carty at your service

Beyond our high-quality, reusable and customizable product range, our services are rooted on a trustworthy relationship:

  • Pricing and commercial policy adapted to meet your needs within the single goal of achieving common and sustainable growth
  • A reliable, agile and transparent delivery
  • A dedicated commercial team to support your projects
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Develop your activity with us

Increase your turnover by selling our food box containers Cartybox.

Because they are convenient, handy and solid, Cartybox is your customers' favorite food container, at restaurants and local food suppliers.

100% made in polypropylene, they are reusable several times supporting + 100 dishwashing cycles and + 40 freezing and microwave cycles.

Suggest your customers to employ a container reusing system to divide their carbon footprint by 40.

Solid, reusable for more than 40 times and recyclable at their life end, our food containers can be part of a DRS scheme and contribute to considerably reduce the carbon footprint in comparison to any other disposable food container.

Encourage your customers into a more eco-responsible economy with our reusable box containers Cartybox for their delivery and to-go services.

Attract local producers thanks to our customizable products with brand new labels.

Patés, dairy and honey producers sell their products by using Carty Pots.

Heat resistant and sealable, our pots meet the needs of producers who need a food container that conserves both quality and taste until the consumption.

Create your own food packaging brand with Carty.

We are here for you!

Carty proposes customised packaging solutions by IML (in-mold labelling technology), offset and stamp printing. With customized packaging options, we propose an attractive solution to ease showcasing the products at stores shelves.

Let's work together

We will be thrilled to support you on your distribution plans, product development and food containers customization.

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